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2007 Outback 2.5i, Replacement AC Drier / Dessicant + Recharge

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Hi all, looking to get my AC back up and running on my Outback. The high pressure line ruptured and spewed refrigerant while accelerating from a stop light. I've replaced the hose with a salvage high pressure hose that checks out in condition.

I ought to replace my drier, or so I've read, and thought I could replace the dessicant element but the closest shop said otherwise. Please see the attached image for the $450 repair quote.

Upon further inspection, replacement units look welded shut/non-threaded, but the pricing seems steep as repairpal estimates ~$150 for an evacuate/recharge + a $36 part. I just changed all 4 struts in my car to KYB's and can handle somewhat in-depth repairs. I'm 25, married, and looking to save as much money as possible.

Any advice on this repair is welcome! Thanks!

Edit: I received a lower quote for $396.44 to replace the Drier/Condenser unit as they're a single unit, + evac and recharge. I'm pulling the trigger in the morning. The only other issue is that I was rec'd to change the radiator as well as it's likely original and my outback has 140k miles on it. Any opinions on this? Here is what he said:

The plastic deteriorates from age. 8-10 years is their lifespan. If you are going to fix the A.C. then you are going to increase its heat load. It should be replaced.
I'm not sure I can afford the additional radiator charge...what's the worst I'm looking at?