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Just wanted to post some info on something interesting I found with my Outback a few days ago. I went to start it last week one morning and it would just turn over but not fire. The night before I filled her to the the brim with fuel then drove a couple of kms home and parked it on a downhill slope for the night. Had a mobile mechanic come out to look at it and he couldnt find anything wrong because of course it started for him. He suggested I replace the fuel pump with an aftermarket one for $480.00. that night I removed the back seat, gained access to the fuel pump and removed the 6 pin plug. Couldnt do anymore so left it over night.
Next morning I discovered fuel had leaked up through the pins and filled the plug area. (see photo)
I removed the pump and disconnected the plugs from the back of the sender unit. The one from the pump motor was very hard to remove. Once free I found that one of the pin connections had been shorting out, had gone black and had melted the plastic under one of the pins which created a tiny pin hole for fuel to leak past.
I believe that because the tank was so full, it was parked downhill and over night pressure built up in the tank that fuel was forced passed the pins and shorted out the pump.
When the mechanic accessed the fuel system to check the pressure while he tested it he must of released the pressure and the fuel that was flooding the plug drained back allowing the pump to work.
So in short if your subi is turning over but not firing check the plug connecting pins under the sender unit.
I relaced the whole unit with a good second hand one $140.00 and Bobs your Uncle.
If the mechanic had replaced the fuel pump only the problem would still be there.


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Certainly not a typical problem, unique for sure.

Thanks for sharing though, not an easy problem to find. And like you said, you would still have the issue if you would have just replaced the pump. You get a new filter this way also, which is a good thing on a aged car.
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