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2008 Outback 2.5i, 2009 Forrester 2.5 sohc
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After doing the head gaskets, TB, clutch,and driving the car for 2 weeks without problem, the clutch fork failed Friday night. One of the tongs snapped. I guess the 10 year old fork with new clutch pushed the fatigue life over the limit.

New fork from the dealer, not bad $20, new Subaru Throw Out bearing, and the Indy shop will pull the engine and replace for a very reasonable price.

The guy at the dealer parts counter said they do sell a lot of forks. I like to ask the parts guys if the part is sold a lot if I'm replacing something outside of routine maintenance. I think if they stock a part for an older car, that probably means its not that uncommon for it to fail. Looking the fork up on subaru parts, the fork looks common to all cars since 2003.

But hard lesson, if you change the clutch, replace the $20 fork while you are in there.
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