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2008 high beam indicator light doesn't function

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2008 high beam indicator light does not function, but the high beams work fine. Does anyone know to start looking? It seams to me that it should be in one of three places the switch, the instrument cluster or the lamp area.
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I don't recall this being a problem reported here before (in a 3rd Gen.).

If the high beams themselves (left and right) work with the switch, it's not the switch. The high beam warning light is powered from the same relay as the right side headlight. So it's not likely power is an issue.

The blue high beam warning light is turned on by the daytime running light (DRL) control module when the headlight switch in the high beam position. The problem could be in the DRL module.

Or there could be a fault in combination meter (instrument cluster). The warning light itself is an LED; these rarely fail, but it is possible. A bad solder joint on the instrument panel circuit board is also a possibility, and not unheard of.
If you have your DRL module unplugged the high beam indicator does not work.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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