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Hey whats up everyone,
I've got a 2008 Outback thats in great over all condition, but I blew the engine.

Not wanting to put a bunch of work into it, and I can get certian subaru crate engines fairly cheap, so instead of rebuilding another engine I was wondering if anyone knows what engines are compatible, obviously with enough work you could put a LS in it, but thats just not practical.

So if anyone knows some newer (Its easier for me to get ahold of newer engines) engines that will fit without much additional work I'd love to hear from you!

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Well, let's see.........

EJ253, EJ255, EJ257, EZ30D, EZ30R, E36R and any EJ20 turbo fit easily.

GM 2.8 is a possible swap. The dementions are good and if you get an early version from a '76, it's torquey.

A Ford 3.5 EcoBoost would fit, you'd have to reposition the turbo, maybe.

Find an old GM 260 CID. Carbureted, simple, light and torquey.

Anything other than a boxer and you'll need to do a lot of modification. Engine cradle is a definite. Cooling system, electrical, computers, etc. Then there's the tranny config that would require a bell housing or putting in a matching trans and modifying the trans mounting and bracing of the unibody.

Anything other than a stock boxer and you're looking at computers, wiring harness and work.
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