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2008 outback, leaking coolant around oil filter

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I bought this 2008 outback on ebay and drove it home from PA to CA about 2 weeks ago. then about a week ago it was getting hot on me at low idle so I checked the coolant and it took about 3 quarts of coolant, so today I changed the oil and checked the coolant again and it was low, about a pint, so I started the car and started looking for the leak, I found a drip (about 1 drip every 5-10 seconds) by the oil filter, passenger side head, front corner, can't tell for sure if it is coming from behind the plastic shroud or from the bottom of the head/block seam. any suggestions? besides a head gasket job? what are your thoughts on stop leak, I've never used the stuff and don't really want to either. but I just bought the car like 2 weeks ago I really don't want to do a head job on it right now........



BTW the Car is 2008 outback, 2.5 non turbo with 150,000 miles

Edit: No bubbles in the coolent, so I believe it's just a external leak not leaking exhaust gas into the coolant