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Awesome i will try my luck with that subiesailor. thank you for the advice i wasnt sure if i should use some type of acrylic repair epoxy since the color of my car is black it would be nice to use something that will match
I would warm up the bumper with a hair dryer or small space heater so its nice and flexible. Use packing tape on the outside painted side of the bumper to pull the crack together - then put a g-flex patch on the back side. If the plastic is deformed and doesn't match up well - pick up some light fiberglass cloth and soak it really good in the G-flex and put the patch on the back side of the crack. Epoxy cure time is 24hrs and needs the proper temp to cure so make sure you read the instructions and are in the 68-70 degree temp for the 24hr cure. This will fix your bumper and the outside will show little sign of having been patched up from the back side. If you can't get to the back side - don't be afraid of taking the bumper off to do the fix. It needs to be clean - and warmed up so the plastic is flexible and can be taped into the proper shape crack together etc before you do the G-flex fix. Use a wire brush and lightly rough up the plastic a bit on the back side where your going to put the patch this helps the epoxy get a really good bond.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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