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Well, I finally did something stupid.

A little while ago, I decided to install a CB radio and custom rasberry-pi nav system in my '08 Outback.
The CB radio installation was fine; a fuse tap from #8 under the steering column, behind the radio, and up through a hole
on top of the dash panel. The issue came when I tried installing the nav system.

My idea was to take out the old sunglasses holder/clock piece, mill it down, place a screen in the newly-widened hole, and cover the
whole thing with a carbon fiber wrap. However, rather than doing another fuse tap, I decided to try and splice into the +12v Vcc that
was powering the clock and radio circuits, and use a DC-to-DC converter to get it down to the Pi's native +5v. I could have sworn
I had the battery unplugged when I cut into the bundle, but I learned my lesson when I heard a ZAAAAAP and a PPOPPP before
seeing the magic smoke drift upward into oblivion. I rushed outside and sure enough the cable to the terminals of my batteries had fallen
back onto the terminals.

Well, now I'm dealing with the aftermath of the great CLK-01 shorting incident. The radio, clock, keyless entry system, and god knows what
else have just stopped working. Well, the first thing I did was make sure I was still getting a voltage. So I hooked up my multimeter to Vcc and
GND on the clock header and found that I was getting 11.7v. That was a good sign! But, when I took my ammeter out to check the amperage
in series with the clock, I was only getting about 0.96mA; not even 1 mA... So, after checking literally ALL of the fuses in the car, I traced
Vcc (R/Y) down to the radio, and then down to the body integrated unit. After removing the two nuts holding it in place, I went to the arduous
task of popping the dang thing in two. If there's anything I learned in this it's that Subaru reaalllyy doesn't want you to take these stupid little
plastic things apart, despite letting a few shorted wires take down essentially the entire LAN. At first I just checked to see if the car would even
start without the BIU, but alas the built-in Immobilizer prevents it after a second or two. Additionally, my OBD-II reader says the car is perfectly fine,
so no help there.

Well, with the PCB for the BIU in my hands, I figured it was time to get to business. Unfortunately, upon a quick inspection nothing in the BIU *seems*
to be fried. The diodes and resistors _seemed_ to be intact. However, there was a lot of them everywhere, and I stopped tracing after I started to reach
some complicated transistor logic next to the MCU. Maybe things would be easier if I had the schematic, as some of the wiring is covered by the pin headers,
but I can't seem to find it anywhere online. To make things even more annoying, I heard that the Subaru Select Monitor can detect faults within the BIU,
but any chance at acquiring that for less than a few grand is a pipe dream, at best!

Well, I'm at my wit's end. Subaru quotes that a new BIU+ECU pairing + new keys is going to run me about $1000 USD. Unfortunately, as a broke Uni student,
replacement...isn't exactly an option right now. And lately the thing is starting to create the most horrific-smelling exhaust, which is starting to make me concerned
that the O2 sensor stopped working too :/

Anyone else been in this situation? Any advice would be wonderful!

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