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A little backstory to help you understand the issues... There are, from what it appears, some loose wiring issues. I've experienced this issue twice in the past. The first time I woke up after a pretty heavy snowfall, tried starting my Outback, and there was no power anywhere in the vehicle. Initial thoughts were bad connections on the battery or a blown fuse. Cleaned the battery terminals, nothing. Then I opened the hood fuse box, bumped something on the fuse box, and all electrical started working again.

The second time, today, a similar situation happened. Was driving for about 5 minutes, the battery light flickered on, and all lights on the radio control started flickering off and on. Pulled over into the Autozone parking lot to test the battery and alternator and both checked out fine. Once I tried starting it up again, same thing, no power to anything in the car, except the headlights work. I cleaned the terminals again, checked all the fuses, still nothing. Then I wiggled all the wiring to the fuse box and the power/connection was restored.

The issue I'm running into now is the "BRAKE" light on the dash is blinking now and the ABS light is on... Both issues I've never experienced in the past. Anyone experience any of this in the past? Think it's actually a brake issue or has to do with loose wiring?
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