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Hi All

This is mainly for the UK guys as thats where I live. Just had a bad dump of snow with no electric or water for two days and could not go anyhere in my VW Passat. I was thinking of changing but this has made my mind up, and that living in a rural area you need some sort of 4wd with a good bit of ground clearance. So if anyone wants to help with the following please do.

What is the real MPG for a 2.0d
How much ground clearance is there compared to my VW and say a Hyundai ix35
What are the sevice intervals and costs
What kind of tyres and how much each plus how much miles out of them
Any in-built faults or design flaws.
What are they like on flooded roads.

If you have anything else you beleive I should be thinking about please let me know.
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