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Just finished installing a new center differential ($800.00 part) in the outback after viewing many You Tube videos on the subject. The job went very smooth so I thought I would outline the job for anyone wishing to tackle this on their own.
Tools required:
1/2 drive ratchet & 1/2 drive power bar
12, 14, 15 mm sockets
1/2 drive extension long 10 inch
12 mm wrench open end and box end
T 70 torx bit for the drain plug ($9.00)
I used an air ratchet for speed after the bolts and nuts were loose
2 rhino ramps from Canadian Tire
Ball peen hammer
1/4 inch diameter 6 inch long drift punch
Transmission funnel
Other stuff:
Exhaust gasket for the cross over pipe
Loosening fluid
Anti- seize
Good quality high temp gasket maker
4 liters of 75w-90 synthetic gear oil I use Castrol (3.7 required)
Loosen nuts on rear driveshaft universal joint the top one is hard to get at if the car is already on ramps and cannot be moved, push the car forward to rotate the top nut around to the bottom.
Place the cars front tires on ramps
Drop the complete exhaust from the cross over pipe at the engine, 3 bolts at the pipe, one bolt midway and 3 rubber hangers.
Drain the gear oil (T 70 torx)
Remove Heat shield
Finish removing the nuts from the rear of the driveshaft
Remove center hanger bearing
Pull out driveshaft
Remove all transmission cross members as well as the rubber mount on the casing this allows for easier removal of the rear casing
Remove all differential casing bolts there is one on the very top don't miss it
Tap the casing gently just to loosen, use wooden block or a soft mallet
Identify the alignment dowel on the bottom of the casing (there is also one on top) and use a drift punch to drive the casing from the front to the back of the car this will easily separate the cases
Remove casing and output shaft it just slides out
Remove center differential it also just slides out
Clean cases carefully as they are milled surfaces
Slide on new center diff and make sure it seats by giggling it
Apply gasket maker to casing
Reinstall the output shaft in the casing that was removed and slide it back on the end of the transmission it's a bit tricky getting around the shift linkage, but when it's on the cases will mate up perfectly, then it can be bolted.
Fill with fluid and put everything back together

This job took me 7 hrs with an engine oil change, I'm 63 and I call it Automotive Yoga while working under cars on ramps in my garage.
Warning this is a really dirty job but straight forward not even any seized bolts on our Subaru after 10 Newfoundland winters


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