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2010 Outback Electrical gremlins

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Suddenly today I had flashing dashboard lights, Service Engine, Cruise (flashing), BRAKE (flashing), traction control light. Has anyone else experienced this or have any knowledge of it? Everything seems to be working fine.
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Scan your OBD2 port (auto stores will do this for free) and tell us what codes you get. This is the common display for many codes, not all of them as serious as the flashing lights would imply.
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I can't speak to the specific lights that come on, but the first time my dashboard lit up like a Christmas tree it was because the gas cap wasn't fully tightened. Scary as hell when it happens out in NE New Mexico, where's there's literally nothing around for twenty miles.

This actually got me to buy a code reader, and it's one of the best tools I've ever bought. There are cheap Bluetooth ones on Amazon, but I got an old-school wired one from Harbor Freight. It gives great comfort to know why a light came on rather than wonder if the car is about to explode. Seriously. Buy one.
Thank you. I went to Autozone but they told me they can't read multicodes on a Subaru. I will go to Harbor Freight.
buy a chap dongle and download Torque or BTSSM. Read codes. Profit
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