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I know it is an old thread, but instead of starting new one I thought I would revive the existing one. I noticed attached booklet has prorated 6 year warranty on tire.
I have discovered strange issue I have never seen before - front passenger tire is having 2 linelike dents/deformities on the side - in shape of a line. Like someone took a ruler and pushed it heavily sideways into tire, and it is in 2 places, about 2 inches apart. Never seen this before on tire, a bit puzzled over it. I maintain the car and
tires are inflated at 34 front/32 rear, rechecked pressure yesterday and it was normal i.e. tire did not leak air due to line dents;
rotate it every 10K miles (reverse X pattern if it matters);
car is at 42K miles;
about another 15K thread left on tire based on my estimates, so was thinking of riding them till the about end of next year.

Is it worth going for warranty in this case, or alternatively, even is it safe to drive it, or I should just byte it and replace all 4 tires myself (probably do it with Costco with either Michelin or Bridgestone which go on sale every month for $70 off).
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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