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Hello all, I'm new to the forum and thinking about coming back to Subaru (used to own a 97 OBS). Going to take a look at a 2010 Outback this weekend, 2.5 Premium, CVT, cold weather package, about 38k on the clock. I can probably get it for $18k. I've read about the shaking that afflicts these cars at highway speeds, and being the first year of production I'm concerned about problems with the early production run. Are there any other issues I should know about to look for? Are there any significant changes for the 2011, 2012 cars that may make them worth the extra $$? I usually don't keep cars past 75k miles... are there any major services or other issues I might encounter over this period? Thanks, everybody, for your help!
Bring a tire gauge check the tire pressure - go for a ride do 60mph for a few minutes - do 65mph for a few minutes - do 70mph for a few minutes if you can do 75mph etc. If the steering wheel stays smooth and doesn't try to numb your hands with a nice vibrating action then your pretty safe that the car is shake free. Both my 2010's a legacy and a OB were shake free in early 2010 when we bought them. Both are shake free now almost 40,000 miles on both. However! The original continentals on the OB are CRAP tires one of the tires on the OB can only be put on the rear given its not round and will shake the wheel pretty good at anything over 50mph. New tires going on in the next week or two BFG Touring tires are replacing the Conti's which are at the wear bars at 40K.

Out side of that the 2010 both of them have been trouble free zero issues.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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