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Hello, world. My 2010 Subaru Impreza 2.5i Premium Manual will lose power under basic acceleration. It's happens only for a second and is usually accompanied by a loud tick. I checked my timing belt and it has been recently replaced from what I can tell. ( I just bought the car a month ago with 119,000 miles on the car.)

Any help will be greatly appriciated.

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Welcome to the forum. Like the user name. :29: You can fill us in on it later.

This issue could be a number of things. Start with the ticking. How loud is it? Is it like a tapping on aluminum ticking or fast counter clicking ticking? It may be the heat shields rattling, or it could be knocking in the engine.

Things to check as basic:
Throttle body - is it black with carbon? Yes, clean it with throttle body cleaner. No, move to the next one.
PCV valve - Check it internally for carbon build up. Clean or replace it.
Is the air filter clean?
Is the MIL light on (check engine)?
How old is the battery? What condition are the cables in? Is the alternator working good?
What grade gasoline do you use? 87 octane or higher? What elevation are you at?

It will most likely be something simple. You just have to find out which one of the simple things it is.
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