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2010 Window Problem

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Had been having a very intermittent problem with the windows in my 2010. Only the driver window rolls up and down as it should. When trying to lower the other windows they do not go down. Sometimes pressing multiple times will get them going but sometimes not. The window switches on the respective doors will not work either. Just like the child lock is on. I suspect a problem with the child lock switch which I think requires replacement of the whole drivers side switch assembly.

The car is only 28 months old but now has 44k miles so out of warranty. Hoping I can get the dealer and or Subaru to goodwill the repair.

Anyone else have this issue with a 2010?
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Problem ended up not being the switch. Although I wash the car just about weekly the windows rarely used (all put driver side) were just stuck to the weather striping. A little help getting down followed by a good cleaning and lube of the weather strip and everything is good to go.
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