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By popular demand I am now including both the coverage provided by MotorsTV (~50 minutes each) as well as the traditional coverage that is now provided by OneHD (~25 minutes each). Note that this means I'll be uploading over 3GB of data per rally, so as the season progresses, older videos may need to be pulled offline for me to maintain adequate storage space.

WRC Race recaps:

MotorsTV Broadcast with Simon Hill commentary and extended footage (~725MB each):
OneHD Broadcast with Paul King commentary (~375MB each):
Wikipedia coverage: Rally Spain
Official Site:

If you wish to download videos from my server, you must first send me a PM and I will quickly respond with the required username and password. The username and password have changed for this season and each user will be given a unique account. You must have made at least 5 posts here at before I will create an account for you. I provide this service to try to increase membership and activity here, not just so anyone in the world with zero posts can leech off the bandwidth that I pay for. If you don't have 5 posts, go join some discussions before sending me a PM.

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nice rally, very spectacular in the first day with the thick fog in the air.
congrats to Loeb for his commitment and desire to win, even after winning the championship.
I'm sorry for Dani Sordo though, it seems he had too much pressure on his shoulders, and could not drive at full potential in the first half of the rally. it would have been nice for him to win his first WRC event here.
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