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2011 FB ring & gasket suggestions

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Good morning. I am a new member here. Sorry if I am posting in the wrong place or the wrong forum.

My daughter has a 2011 Forester with the FB engine. It is using 1 quart of oil every 350 miles--basically every fill-up. There are 158,000 miles on the car. She is the third owner.

The engine is otherwise leak-free, so we are looking at new rings. I'll be doing the work myself as dealer prices for this work are more than what the car is worth.. I will be honing the cylinders & re-ringing. New pistons, if the originals are out of spec, rod bearings, etc.

I heard that these engines when new had "soft" rings in them that did not seal well to the cylinder walls, allowing for excessive consumption. Does anyone know if OEM corrected this, or if I am better off with aftermarket rings? I am happy to buy Mahle's if I can be 100% sure they will solve the problem. At the rate the engine is using oil even premium rings will pay for themselves in a few thousand miles.

As the head gaskets will be replaced when I do this, any suggestions here for OEM vs aftermarket?

The car is otherwise is great shape for what she paid for it. She likes it and takes good care of it.

This is a "3rd gen" Forester but uses the same engine as the 4th Gen Outback, so I a posting as 4th gen.

Just looking for suggestions for rings & gaskets OEM vs aftermarket, or a better forum if this is not the right place to discuss this. Thanks in advance. Dave
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Mahle is really good and a perfect fit. Stone gaskets are OEM. Any rings sold for the engine should be the updated rings whether from Subaru or aftermarket.
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