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Your car doesn't *require synthetic* so dino oil is fine.

If your really worried do what I did and get an oil analysis.
^ what he said. The 2013's got the new ground up engines.

The 11 has the engine related to the family of 2.5's running back to 2003. I run 10-30w in my 2010. Fully within the subaru specs listed in the owners manual. I run 10-30W because thats what I ran in our prior 2.5 which had a long hard life of hauling us and trailers all over the west coast. ZERO oil or engine issues in 180K.

summer time I run synthetic for the California HEAT and long road trips we take. Winter time I often run standard 10-30W given our temps are mild and the car doesn't do much beyond semi rural trips. The Synthetic makes a big difference in keeping heat down and things cool during the hot summers and long road trips.
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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