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I own a 2011 Outback and recently I noticed what I first thought to be tree sap stains on my hood and roof.
I tried to remove them with the common stuff, bug and tar remover, goo gone, etc. to no avail.

Next I went to a bodyshop where they have done excellent work for me in the past. He tried several remedies, then tried buffing out the whitish stains with a buffer. Again no success. He looked at the marks with a jewelers magnifying lens and said the stains were through the clearcoat,and weren`t going to be removed.

Again, the blotches are strangely only on the hood and roof, nothing on any other level space, such as fender tops.

Has anyone had similiar problems with their 2011 Outbacks ? Anyone hear of paint problems by Subaru ?
Thank you.
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