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For the 2011 season I will only be uploading the ESPN/OneHD daily recaps produced by WRC HQ. Please be patient as I track down the files and upload them to my server.

WRC Race recaps:

ESPN (UK) Broadcast with Paul King commentary:
Wikipedia coverage: ]Error
Official Site:
WRC: World Rally Championship

If you wish to download videos from my server, you must first send me a PM and I will quickly respond with the required username and password. Your logins from 2010 will carry over into 2011. Each new user will be given a unique account. You must have made at least 10 posts here at before I will create an account for you. I provide this service to try to increase membership and activity here, not just so anyone in the world with zero posts can leech off the bandwidth that I pay for. If you don't have 10 posts, go join some discussions before sending me a PM.

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Pretty good Rally.
I was impressed with the Mini's tarmac performance.
Are the Citroen's that much faster on tarmac than any other car or is it the drivers? They seem to be in a class by themselves.
Is Ogier a better driver than Sordo? Sordo never got his win with Citroen....He deserved one or many for being a team player and not acting like a child as Ogier seemed to, when he knows his place in the team.

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