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2012 Fog Lamp replace for Driving Lights

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I have a 2012 Ouback 2.5I without fog lamps. I would like to install a set of driving lights in the pockets where the fog lamps would normally go. Can anyone suggest a rectangular driving light that would fit in the pockets where the fog lights would normally be? I live in Alaska and drive in the dark a lot more than I do fog. I'd like something that I could aim toward the ditch to help spot moose near the road.
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I use the "fog" lights mainly as driving lights on back roads. Honestly, I tend to NOT use them in fog as they reflect more than they help. They spread alot of light low and wide and help you see critters hiding out. I've tried retrofitting lights into other cars w/o fog lights and it never came out well.

I think if you put in OEM lights you'd be surprised how well they actually help in all driving conditions.
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