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2012 OB non-HK stereo Wiring Harness & Antenna adapter Help

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Hello Everyone...

I'm doing some aftermarket installs with new GPS HU, speakers, backup camera, sound deadener, XM/Sirius, SWC controls. I'm through most of it but am stuck on just 2 issues (at least for now). If I discovered this Forum first it might have saved me a lot of heartache. I definitely would have gone to David C first for a harness.

1) I'm trying to figure out my SWC wires on my factory harness. the 2012 OB non-HK factory harness seems to be different from what's listed here from David website. According to the chart pin 4=SWC A+, pin 11=SWC B+ and pin 14=SWC-

Subaru 20-pin radio harness pin-out

And according to Axxess website they say the same thing.

On my harness:

The first picture are the front 9 pins (yep I spliced pin 6 by accident thinking it was pin 4 for SWC). The wire descriptions are similar to my factory harness expect pins 4,7,8. So I'm just going to assume that pin 4 is in fact SWC A+

The second picture are pins 10-20 going right to left this time (and yes again I spliced into pins 16 and 19 thinking they were 11 and 14). Here is the glaring difference. I don't have a pin 11, but pin 19 is present. On David's chart pin 11 is present but pin 19 should be vacant. This is the reason why I originally spliced the wrong wires. Thinking that the numbering system was from the wires out. In this photo only pins 10,15 match the description on David's chart. So I'm less sure where SWC B+ and SWC- is?

2) Antenna adapter. I have a round antenna adapter as shown in this 2012OB users post

On his follow-up post after installation completion he says he used a Nissan Antenna adapter.

Searching a little more, I come across David C's post (man he's everywhere) on NASIOC about NOT using Nissan radio adapters (But was posted it in 2005).

Stock head unit information -- pin-outs, aux inputs, and more - NASIOC

In Post #3 at the bottom he write:

Note: Adapters for Nissans will not work in Subarus! Although at first glance they look the same, the Nissan plug is wider and has different keys.

So I guess I'm wondering if this will work?

Any help would be greatly appreciated :29:
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Where did you get your harness? I got mine at Best Buy, and ut worked. Folliwing the Axxess controls, one wire they listed was not present on my harness. I don't remember which, but it works. I also recommend positap wire taps, available from Crutchfield.
The antenna adapter that Crutchfield sent me works.
The lonk doesn't work, but you should be fine connecting the wires you have. I just ignored the one that doesn't exist.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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