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2012 Outback head unit swap

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I have a 2012 Outback with the low grade radio (w/XM) head unit # 86201AJ61A installed. I also have a Panasonic head unit #86201AJ62A with a date of manufacture of November 2011. I would like to swap the head units but the wiring and plugs are different. My wife's 2012 has the Panasonic unit factory installed so I know the thing will work somehow in mine. What do I need to get to make the swap pretty much plug and play. Harness adapters? amplifier? Help!:confused:
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I'm not famililar with the model numbers of the radios that you mention but if the new unit that you are trying to install is out of an H/K car you will need all of the harness as well as the amp that is under the passenger seat. If both units are H/K and use the amp under the seat than it should be a simple female harness that fits your car and a male harness that fits the new radio. I can't remember the harness number for your car but the new radio harness is a Metra 71-1761. You will have to re pin the power antenna wire from one harness to the other but other than that you should be fine. Feel free to ask any more questions if there is something that doesn't make sense.
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