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The first poster reported "I found a bad DRL (Daytime running Lights) relay." This was apparently confirmed by swapping in a relay of the same type from the fan circuit. I would imagine that with the new relay installed all was well, and the poster didn't see a need to follow-up.

RayOK. Your review of the dealer work is good but doesn't provide as much work detail as I would have expected the technicians to have done.

Diagnosing the headlight system shouldn't be all that hard for the shop techs, and if the DRLs don't work (they use the same high beam bulbs) then that eliminates the headlight switch and hi/low switch as possible causes.

Did the techs find 12 V at the two high beam bulbs when the engine is running and the parking brake released? If not, did they check/replace the fuses? Did they check/replace the high beam headlight relay? Did they check/replace the DRL relay? Did they check for continuity from the low side of the bulbs through the DRL resistor to ground?

The body integrated unit (BIU) controls the high beam headlight relay and the DRL relay. For the DRLs to work, the high beam relay is activated, but the DRL relay is not. If the fuses and relays are confirmed good, did they check to see if the BIU is activating the headlight relay in order to apply 12 V to the bulbs?

There are suggestions of wiring problems. Did they actually test for continuity (to deal with the "rodent" suggestion) or shorts to ground?

Perhaps something was overlooked.
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