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I got a flat today. Drove on my spare straight to my Subaru dealership to get it plugged.
Well they told me that it has micro fractured and I needed a new one

My question is that I thought I had to change all the tires when I did this do to the balancing and it can mess up the all wheel drive. Is this true?

I asked for the flat tire to be plugged. Didn't really think it had micro fracturing. It almost makes me want to let the air out of another to see if it has this with no air in it
It's not the price of the tire because I have the road hazard so it's free.

Will one new tire make a difference or am I over reacting? The car is a 2012 so perhaps it came out in 2011 but I bought it in August 2012
I think if I took the old one and filled it up it would be fine

Will this mess up the differential or balancing of my all wheel drive or not?
And do u believe in this micro fracturing w a tire that has less than 7,000 miles? It's almost like there doing it just to make money. It looks fine

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