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2012 vs 2013 HD radio

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Just bought a 2013 Outback, but it did not come with the HD (HK) stereo. If I purchase a 2011/2012 HD radio will it if my 2013 Outback? Also, any other ideas, would prefer to stay stock, but open to ideas. Thanks
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It would also be interesting what parts/assys would be available for this ‘upgrade’ (keep in mind the HK has steering controls too). Given you can/probably only get this from the dealer, I would expect being raked over coals.
As long as the OP is willing to forgo the steering controls, I'm thinking it's going to be just as easy, maybe easier, to install the factory HK stereo as any aftermarket unit.

Usually, to install a aftermarket unit, it's an adapter to fit the head unit in the same space as the factory unit and a wiring harness adapter.. If the aftermarket unit needs a separate amps, it's no different then the HK unit, since most amps are installed in the trunk space or under a seat..

I feel the only reason to go aftermarket is you usually get a much better unit for the price.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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