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I know that some out there have upgraded their HK stereo with navigation, but after a lot of searching, I could not find a lot of information. There are posts here and there talking about it but very few with any detail, I wanted to post for the person after me that has the same questions so they will have some answers. This should work for the 2013/14 Legacy as well.

Long story short, my wife wanted to update the stereo in her Outback so that she could have Carplay. She had the HK with navigation system and looking around, most of the information I could find talked about the HK upgrade in vague terms and mostly about the HK without navigation. I wanted to keep as much of the factory integration as possible and the only thing I was not able to re-use was the factory microphone (Which is not that great anyway). There are a couple of ways to do the upgrade using either Metra or Maestro adapter kits, I used Metra.

Here is what I used:

HU of your choice, I used an Alpine
Metra 95-8903S Radio install kit
Metra 40-LX11 Nav radio antenna adapter (Different than the standard)
Metra 70-8902 HK amp interface harness
Maestro USB2 Subaru USB adapter
Metra AX-CAM6V 12V to 6V step down converter (For back up camera)
Metra AXSWC Steering wheel control adapter
A single RCA plug and cable (I used an old one laying around the house, for the back up camera)
2013/14 Subaru Outback Center dash radio bezel - I found on Ebay

For the most part, the install was pretty straight forward using the adapter kits. This was one of the most tedious harnesses I have ever put together simply due to the high number of plugs, plus I had to build my own backup camera harness in order to keep it. Metra does not include the backup camera in the 2013/14 kits, but does for the 2015+ kits. No idea why. What was a pain was that there were no wiring diagrams for the Metra components so I had to make one of my own, which is attached.

To build the backup camera harness, I needed to know which plug on the back of the radio was the right one. Attached are the plug pin-outs for the HK radio, everything in black is verified and the red were the few I was not sure about (Not needed for this install anyway). There were still a couple of left over plugs after the install that I don't have on my list, but my guess is that they were for the navigation system and don't affect the operation of anything.

I built the harness using the attached wiring diagram. I soldered and heat shrank all the connections, with the exception of the plug I made for the backup camera. I used a 4-pin MOLEX connector to bridge the gap between the factory harness and my new harness. The only other change is the HK amp turn on wire. For the non-Nav system, the instructions say to use pin 3 on the 28 pin connector (i87), but for the Nav system you need to use pin 9 on the 10 pin connector (i50), which was not mentioned in the instructions.

Everything works great and my wife is happy with the new stereo. I would have liked a more angled screen, but the radio install kit kind of forced me into the sunk in look. I may work on modifying that in the future, I hear there is a JDM install kit that works better. I hope that this helps someone else so that they don't have to spend a lot of time searching the internet to figure this out.

EDIT: Forgot to add the 2013 Legacy HK w/ nav wiring diagram, which is identical to the Outback


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414 Posts this is on my 'To Do List'...Thank you in advance for your diligence and for sharing!

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Thank You For This, Nice Job :)
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