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2013 all weather package: how do i turn heated mirrors/windshield wiper area on?

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I have no idea. It's not in the manual insofar as I can tell.

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And just for information, your Dealer can program the rear defroster so it will remain on any time the switch is pushed on. In cold weather it is a nuisance having it turn itself off after a few minutes! :29:
Turns off after a few minutes? The rear defroster stays on for about 15 minutes. That's standard on just about every car I've ever seen.
Rear de-fog heater activates them all (as Todd mentioned). Front heater button activates inside fan that blows hot air on the front windshield - at least that, how it works on my 2013 OB>
Yup, the wiper deicer is activated with the rear defroster button for models that have the deicer. Keep in mind your ignition has to be set to "ON" for these to work.

Models without the wiper deicer have to rely on the front defrost setting to deice the wipers.

Pages 3-34 and 8-10 in the manual respectively.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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