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2013 all weather package: how do i turn heated mirrors/windshield wiper area on?

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I have no idea. It's not in the manual insofar as I can tell.

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Ha! We just our subaru a few days ago. My husband asked me how the mirrors and wipers work. I had no idea. Thanks for posting and the response. :29:
You push the button on the climate control panel that has a picture of which defogger/defroster is on - there are 2 of threm - it would be the one to the right of the front windshield defogger/defroster button. It works in conjunction with the rear window defroster/defogger - when the rear one is on, the side mirror defogger is on as well!
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So the warming of the front wiper also comes on when the rear window defroster activiated? I thought that I read that from some on eposting here that these items were programmed to come on when the temperature got below a certain level.
Rear de-fog heater activates them all (as Todd mentioned). Front heater button activates inside fan that blows hot air on the front windshield - at least that, how it works on my 2013 OB>
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