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2013 iPhone integration

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My turn to pull the trigger after a lot of lurking and buying a 2012 Outback for our mother in law in all that time. It will be a 2013, my first automatic trans, and first 4 cyl that isn't my 1930 Model A Ford.

I'm torn over the EyeSight/Nav vs regular HK radio with a Limited and the sales people don't seem too savvy.

Is the Navigation worth it for a person who has the iPhone as their office? Does the regular HK radio load my contacts?

I am a little under pressure here needing car sooner than later with a EyeSight in stock now and next one just ordered which I understand could be 4 - 6 weeks.

My apologies for being particular but I am keeping cars longer and want only 1 or two of the color choices if I'm keeping it for 10 or more years.

Thank you.

P.S. I can take immediate delivery of silver 6 cyl without Nav/Eyesight but the CVT seems made for what will be mostly metro area work and family errand trips.
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Good luck with your purchase, I would go with the Eyesight and address your Navigation concerns down the line, there are better options out there.
It's not an either/or decision, unfortunately. Nav is mandatory if you want Eyesight.

For me, the Eyesight/Nav combination is worth the upgrade (obviously, or I wouldn't have purchased). In general, I'm underwhelmed by in-dash navigation systems whether they be OEM or aftermarket. And even though I somewhat resented being forced into purchasing the nav in order to get Eyesight, I have been happy with the upgrades and still think the combo is a value.
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