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2013 iPhone integration

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My turn to pull the trigger after a lot of lurking and buying a 2012 Outback for our mother in law in all that time. It will be a 2013, my first automatic trans, and first 4 cyl that isn't my 1930 Model A Ford.

I'm torn over the EyeSight/Nav vs regular HK radio with a Limited and the sales people don't seem too savvy.

Is the Navigation worth it for a person who has the iPhone as their office? Does the regular HK radio load my contacts?

I am a little under pressure here needing car sooner than later with a EyeSight in stock now and next one just ordered which I understand could be 4 - 6 weeks.

My apologies for being particular but I am keeping cars longer and want only 1 or two of the color choices if I'm keeping it for 10 or more years.

Thank you.

P.S. I can take immediate delivery of silver 6 cyl without Nav/Eyesight but the CVT seems made for what will be mostly metro area work and family errand trips.
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After reading this forum I purchased a Limited 2011 model without the Navigation and just recently installed a Pioneer AVH-P8400BH with great iPhone integration.

I know that aftermarket stereos aren't for everyone, but for me the factory Navigation was clunky at best, and the clear blue pastic buttons turned me off. Plus, call me crazy, but I like the storage unit in the dash.

Good luck with your purchase, I would go with the Eyesight and address your Navigation concerns down the line, there are better options out there.

Thank you but you don't get EyeSight without the factory navigation system.

I have what was a then top aftermarket choice for stereo in my current car and am not excited about going that route again.

My interest is knowing the phone integration options with the choices one has with a Limited.

Thank you.
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