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Yep my feet freeze in my outback, it has the worst foot area heater of any car or truck I have been in or owned.

I spend most of the day outside walking doing wildlife photography and my boots get muddy and wet, this outback is the only vehicle I have ever owned that my boots are just as wet after driving 60 miles with the heat cranked as they were when I stepped in the vehicle

Some goofy engineer decided to divert a bunch of the air to the defrost vents when you select foot vent which is just dumb since right next to the foot vent button their is a foot/defrost button of course when you hit that one it kicks in the air conditioning compressor.

The foot vent doesn't even blow downward, it kind of blows to the side, when I get some time I'm going to rip the bottom of the vent off and see if I can divert the air down and also try and figure out how to short out the signal sent to open the defrost vents.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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