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2013 Outback 2.5i Limited Navigation?

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I recently purchased the 2013 Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited with the Harmon Kardon audio and the backup camera, but without the Navigation system. I would like to get an aftermarket navigation system put in. Are there any aftermarket built-in navigation systems that will still allow me to use the steering wheel controls, backup camera, and have satellite and HD radios and still have an okay navigation system? I want it to integrate into the vehicle and work with the things that subaru built into it, but still have navigation. I went to my dealership and they said that they cannot sell me just the factory nav system because you have to have that installed prior to purchasing the vehicle because it comes as an entire package. I even tried purchasing a Myron and Davis system because it was supposed to be just like the factory one, but the dealership said that it would not integrate into the system, and I would lose most functionality such as the steering controls, usb plugs and sattelite radio. Are there any other systems on the market that could work with my vehicle? Thanks
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Try this list.

Car Selector

You will need to see what options are available to go w the nav to get the steering wheel controls integrated. The backup camera will probably require some sleuthing for connectors to the receiver you choose and (maybe) minor circuit building to get the power to the camera correctly. There may or may not be other mods required to work with the existing speakers / amps in the car. The USB connector might require an adapter.

Edit: You will have to select your vehicle and then pick from the in dash GPS Navigation systems.
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