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Outback Prem, 2013 wFB 2.5, TR580 CVT
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Howdy folks,
Hoping this finds you healthy and safe.

I am headed to Discount Tire (today=6/23/2020) for a new set of summer tires. I run 4 Blizzaks in the winter.
The car currently has Continental Contact Pro P225/60R17, with 60K miles; about 35-40 are on those tires and they've worn down to <1/8" from the wearbars.

I carry a lot of tools (I like to stop and help folks who are stranded), emergency supplies (jump box, food, auto fluids, water) and my wheelchair at all times--probably 250-300 lbs of extra stuff.
Looking for tires with good water passage--these Michigan rain storms come in fast and heavy--and the larger/largest tread contact patch & shoulder I can find.
Though we are just north of Detroit, we have a lot of dirt roads around here, so mud can be encountered, but not often.

Do any of you folks have tires you would recommend?

Thank you very much,
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