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2013 Outback P0420 code

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Hello, I am new to this forum and Subarus meaning that this is my first Subaru and first post. Thanks for all the great information. I currently have a P0420 code and am trying to determine the issue. I have a 2013 Outback with 121k miles which I bought back in March 2017. There were lean codes which were due to some oil leaks so I had the engine reseal done by the dealer (Ouch!) but I bought it at a reasonable price and knew there would be some gotchas due to mileage etc. I also had a tuneup (plugs, pcv, air filter, oil change, changed coolant etc). I now intermittently get a P0420 code. I am trying to upload a video of what I am seeing when I hook up my code reader but am not having much luck so I will add what I am seeing below. The car is warmed up and idling. Here are some of the readings over a period of 5 or so minutes. The ETC ranges between 192 - 194 F (even when I am revving it to 2500 RPMs). I am not sure what the AF sensor voltage should be reading but I read somewhere it should be about 2.44 V for subies, with my AF sensor ranging from 2.183 - 2.197 V (stuck AF sensor) it makes me wonder if it is running rich slightly based on the ETC maintaining 192 - 194 F and not going higher most of the time (thermostat)? This is just a wild guess on my part from the tutorial in the post. Upon initially checking the battery the water level was low so I added some distilled water, gave it a charge and have had no problems at all with it. Not sure if this could be an issue.

ETC (192 - 194 F),
SHRTFT1 -0.8 - 0%,
LONGFT1 -0.8 - 0%,
MAP 12.1 inHg,
RPM 793,
MAF 0.497 - 0.545 lb/min
IAT (118 F),
02B1S2 0.68 - 0.78 V
02B1S1 2.183 - 2.197 V
CATEMP11 690.26 F

Thanks in advance
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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