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I have an outback that came with 215/70/16 tires. The stock steel wheel is 16X6.5 and +48 offset. I have replaced those rims with a set of ENKEI 16X7 Ammodo alloy rims that have +45 offset. My question is related to buying new tires. When I decide to replace the stock Conti's, I would like to go to either a 65 or 60 series tire. Which of the sizes below would provide the proper clearance (width & height), good handling and work with the stock spare? It doesn't look like I can get the exact same diameter, and I don't want the extra width to have a clearance issue.
215/70/16 = 27.8"
225/65/16 = 27.5"
235/60/16 = 27.0"
235/65/16 = 28.0"
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