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2013 Outback w/SAP - keyless start remote fob case?

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Does anyone know if there is a protective case available for the keyless start Bluetooth remote fob for a 2013 Outback w/SAP? They are going to get scratched up pretty easily without one.

This remote fob:

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I found this image of a case at this site - so they do exist - now just have to find the part numbers...
SUBARU : ???? > ???? 2.0GT DIT

Case for remote fob:
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Yes, I just picked up my 2.5 LImited with SAP and was thinking the exact same thing with the FOBs getting scratched up. Has anyone found the part number on that. I can't read Japanese all that well...
I'm thinking about trying this cover - might be a tight fit though... check the video in the ebay ad:

NEW Carbon Fiber Leather Key Holder Case Keyless Remote Fob Jacket Skin Tote 3D | eBay
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Got the smart key case today - has a high quality look and feel - not bad for $10!


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I have a similar case for my 650i key, check online for BMW leather fob protectors and there are several out there.
Got the smart key case today - has a high quality look and feel - not bad for $10!
Care to share where you purchased this?
Care to share where you purchased this?
He gave link at post #4
This looks like an old thread, but just in case somebody else finds it, like I did. This is the part No. for the STI one which seems to be the only genuine one that I can find.


The problem is that it's way too expensive from what I can tell. About $85 retail in Australia. I won't be paying that much for one.

How long before there is a non-genuine copy for a reasonable price ?
I know this is a old tread but has anyone else bought a smartkey case for their SAP Outback? Can you share a link to the one you bought?
Look down below the thread about "Must Have". There is a link to a leather accessory. Looks nice if it is the right size.
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