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Weird my '11 2.5 Outback always cranks right up, no delay or struggling, hot or at freezing temps. Now my '13 WRX has the struggling start up when cold, almost as if the battery is really low or something. Grant it, that is my weekend car and not my daily driver so I don't know if sitting for a week or weeks at a time are the reason for it.

As a test I've been using my trickle charger on it while it sits in the garage for days without moving. Seems like when I keep a trickle charger hooked up to it, there is no stumble or delay when cranking on cold start ,in fact its almost an instant start. Since my WRX has basically the same EJ series motor, my guess are that the starter & battery are the same as the units installed on the '13 2.5 Outback or '10-'12 models as well.

You guys having the slow cranking start up should try putting a trickle charger on it overnight and see if that makes a difference. Just a side note my '11 Outback has 29k miles on it, I've been using fully synthetic oil in that car since 1k miles on the clock. My WRX with just 1700k miles on it should have fully synthetic oil from the factory so I'm not sure if the whole synthetic or not debate is legit.
1 - 1 of 23 Posts
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