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2014 Subaru Outback with special appearance package & Harman Kardon System
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Hey, this is going to be a question filled thread. So let me get started:

First, has anyone had issues with a rattling sound coming from the rear/muffler area when shutting of their vehicles? Mine started a while back and has gotten progressively louder. I took it in to get checked out to see if it was loose or something, and they said they couldn't see anything.

Second, what performance mods have you done for off roading/ adventuring/ camping? Im looking into making mine into something of the sort. Also, what upgrades have people done?

Third, what kind of aftermarket cargo racks would you suggest?

Fourth, a while back my back up camera stopped working. First the screen went black but parking lines were still there, now there is nothing at all for a back up screen. Looking for suggestions on that.
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