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2015 Outback 2.5 Limited
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Hi everyone -

Got the car in June, 2015.

Just under 37,000 miles - mostly city driving over the almost three years. Took four road trips that were about 1,000 miles round trip each.

Took the car in for 36,000 service today and was told/shown a lot of wear on the tires. Got a quote for $557 for new stock tires/balanced.

Does this seem too early for the tires to be wearing so much? My memory is failing me as to when we picked up our first set of new tires on our 2008 Forester.

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If they were the duellers, i would say that's about right. Those tires look like garbage. I saw a gen5 wearing those in the Home Depot parking lot. They looked thin.

I has wagons.
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Sounds about right for OEM "meh" tires.

Lots of better options out there.

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Agree with the others 37k on the Bridgestones seems about right.

$557 is not a bad price for a new set of Bridgestones.

2017 Outback 3.6 Touring
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My 2017 Outback has a little over 15K miles on it and already needs a new set tires.

I've had two flats in 15 months and this time the tire is unrepairable, Apparently the nail is too close to the sidewall.

Since it's AWD, you can't replace one tire.., Ugh! They all have to match tread wear etc.

A quick search on Tirerack reveals numerous complaints regarding Bridgstones Dualsport AS tires.

After extensive research I ended up ordering a new set of Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady tires to be installed - after rebate $544 including taxes + Fees.

Hopefully I'll get more than 15 months out of the Goodyears!

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Are you still happy with the Goodyear Assurance WeatherReady tires you got? I have a 2016 Limited and was thinking about getting these too. Was also wondering if you saw a gas mileage hit?


2017 Outback Premium, silver
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After learning the limits of ABS brakes in a recent snow storm, I replaced the stock Duellers on my '17 with Altimax RT43's. The Duellers sucked and more so on this car than the '11 Forester I had owned. I've NEVER got such poor mileage out of tires.

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I thought it was just me then. 33,700 miles and I just pulled the trigger on new tires today as well. I already had to replace one of the Duelers back in January for a side puncture, so I got suckered into buying 3 more. these will probably become my winter set in all reality
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