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Hello everybody!

Just purchased a 2015 Outback Premium 2.5 recently. I've been enjoying it for the most part, but I'm noticing something that's a bit annoying, and possibly not working correctly, with the 12V outlets in the car.

I have an Anker 42W dual-port USB charger. The quickcharge port should be (and is) capable of outputting 3A, yet when I plug it into either of the two 12V outlets (in the dash and in the center console), it only charges my phone at 700mah. I also have a second Anker 24W charger that is capable of charging at 2A, but again, only charges at 700mah. Both of these chargers were working as intended in the 2012 F150 I owned before this, but now my phone barely keeps a charge when I'm navigating somewhere.....

Any troubleshooting ideas or other thoughts?
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