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2015 outback hard start and shaking

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Hi all- have an 2015 outback with 40,000 miles. This past winter a few times it would be hard to start. Click click and eventually with some gas would start but it made me nervous as it only had probably 30,000 miles at the time. I have also noticed recently it shaking a little at stop lights. I've told the dealer every time and they have said it is normal??? They replaced the relay that was recalled before any of this started. Made me think to ask with this new extend transmission warranty now out. Any thought?
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How's your battery? My 15 would be slow to start sometime with the factory battery (I was around 33,000 miles when I replaced it) I have yet to have that issue again. (Oh FYI my factory battery tested "good" at both the dealer and an auto parts store, but I replaced it anyway)
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