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Subaru Forester 2002
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Subie's Swan Song......

I’m getting old, I’ve traveled well, I’ve nearly reached my time,
But had to cross “Cooloola Trail” to pen this final rhyme..
My gears are worn (I can’t hold fourth), my tyres are wearing thin,
My water pump, it has a leak…but that’s not the only thing!

My windscreen’s cracked, my timing belt is due for another change;
I shake, I rattle, and sometimes roll…it’s all a little strange
I’ve made my mark, I’ve been well kept,
(a replacement clutch ..that’s all)
With three hundred thousand “clicks” it’s time…..before I have a fall.

So thus it is, I look toward the setting of the sun,
I’ll retire soon, spin a wheel or four, and have a little fun,
But before I go, the child I reared…who sat upon my lap…
Is missing a vital accessory…and needs a good mudflap.

What vantage is it to raise a child, who travels on dusty plains..
Who tows a trailer, on gravel roads, and ploughs through cow-dung stains
If not for the all wheel drive we share, and the clearance we have below
I fear my child’s neglected needs… means he’ll not be able to tow.

I myself, a veteran now, know the importance to “self preserve”
Three broken windscreens on my back,….(not what children deserve),
Yet my maker has chosen not to help, accessories are not even made,
How do I aim to protect my child, …when my time’s about to fade?

So ends my life on this final note..(I’ll send it to Cyber space )
Subaru’s neglected me, their high rating has lost its place,
With a full size tyre, the one thing I admire,
Is the fact that I’ve caused you to pause….
Please (for my child) raise a glass, and a smile and give me a “mudflap clause”

2018 Dark Blue Outback 3.6R Touring arrived 8/31/2017
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If you wrote that again, you'd have your car stuck in re-verse!
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