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Hi All,

I've been battling wind noise in my 2017 legacy for a couple of months now and I wanted to share my progress incase it helped anyone else.

The 2017 legacys seem to have the often described gusset issue fixed so I tried to take the car to the dealer for the TSB that someone else posted about 1/4" of foam missing under the door skin by the window. The dealer said it was fine and didn't do anything about it so I put some foam in there myself which helped the noise significantly.

After that I was still noticing a lot of noise from the mirror area. I tried taping up all of the door seals with painters tape and then climbing in through the passenger side. That didn't result in any noticeable difference so I then moved on to looking for non-seal related issues.

I noticed that there were small gaps around the stem of the mirror and the door panel. I also noticed that the small corner of the door that stays attached to the body when you open the door was loose and had significant gaps around it. (Green arrow in the photo)

Long story short I ended up applying black silicon to all of the gaskets that were on a non-moving part near the mirror assembly and it has cut down on wing noise significantly. (Red arrows in the photo).

For anyone who doesn't putz around with cars and silicon much, it is advisable to put painters tape down on both sides of the gap you're trying to apply the silicon to so that you'll have clean lines when you remove the tape and not get silicon on the painted/chromed surfaces.

Side note for anyone else following my footsteps. I've tried Dynamatting the car and applying second skin inside the door panels, but it doesn't help with the wind noise at all. (That's not why I did it, just as a heads up to anyone considering spending money on that to try to fix the wind noise)


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