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2017 limited trim or 2019 limited trim

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CR has the 17 model as more reliable .The 19 has more user friendly apps for my wife to use and of course safety is stellar on both models. Can anyone please compare the 2 for me ? I promise to make a decision on my own.(With my wife's help of course).
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17' has 45k and 19' 50k,,,Seeing the 19 today.
here s my 19 with 54K...

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BRRRRRRRR,,,,,,Where are you? We've been pretty snow free in Lower Slower Delaware this year.
I have a 17 and have had it since new.

It's been near flawless in 100k hard miles.

The only vehicle I would replace it with would be a 19 3.6.
What about a 19 2.5l?
At those mileages I would agree with considering the price and overall condition. The lack of Android Auto and Apple Car Play is slightly annoying in mine, but not something I would go out of my way to spend significantly more money on just to have. Seems like you can’t make a bad choice either way and will be happy with your decision.
It's actually less than the 17
We drove the 19' today much smoother with a nice info system. It's certified with another 2 year 100k(it has 50) powertrain warranty. Clean inside and out .Clean carfax. Small concern that's the only warranty, once we drive it off the lot it's on us. Decision time. WWYD?
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I d have it checked out by someone qualified (if your not sure). check your self to see if everything works. Nothing should be wet with oil etc, although they d clean that up I d assume. Unfortunately thats the price of buying a used car. Any service history? Again without knowing the price it s hard to say WWID.
It was rainy in Maryland. It looked clean but you know . Saw the car fax and it was serviced at proper intervals. The price was/ is 25500.
it s at the very top of the price range (Kelly/nada) for a excellent condition limited Outback with 50K.
Can you see how long they ve had it?
You should be able to negotiate a little.
also listed before was some of the services it will need soon if not already done.
Tires and battery you can look at yourself.
I love my 2019 Limited.
BTW, it had a fuel pump recall and a TSB on the steering spring (Minor thing).
I talked them down 400.00 accordingly they've had it about a week. It looks like the only thing due in the next 5k is oil. Tires and battery look good. According to car fax no recalls are current
Yea it's that clean. With 16k more miles
correct but you got that big warranty they don t!!
Tru Dat. But why doesn't it have a certified sticker.
Why Subaru Certified Pre-Owned
  • Factory-backed 7-year/100,000-mile powertrain
    coverage, $0 deductible
  • Special Finance Rates starting as low as 4.99%
  • Additional coverage available
  • 152-Point inspection
  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • $500 Owner Loyalty Coupon
  • CARFAX® Vehicle History Report
  • SiriusXM® 3-Month Trial Subscription
  • One-year Trial Subscription to STARLINK® Safety Plus Package with Automatic Collision Notificshould the 500.00 ation
should the 500.00 be applied to this sale?
so I know that if you have owned a Subaru before you can call Subaru of America and request the $500 coupon.
I d be guessing to say that s only if you have owned before but I d ask.
I had a 1992 Royale and my wife had a Sabaru.
I had a 1992 Royale and my wife had a Sabaru.
LOYALE.It was the descendant of the GL
only applies to new car purchase
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What is warranty on Subaru CPO?

All Subaru CPO vehicles are backed by a standard 7-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty and come with even more benefits, including: 24/7 Roadside Assistance. $500 Owner Loyalty Coupon.

copied the above, so I got to disagree.
Yep I found it and copied and pasted to the salesman
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Time to sleep on it,I think we're leaning toward the 19'
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Good Morning,
I spoke to the salesman today after going over the pros and cons with my wife. Decision:. It's certified, they went over our with a fine tooth comb. Looking over car services
like carfax and 1 other it's a very fair deal. The only warranty is the 2 years on the powertrain. The money we saved from the extended if we need it will be used for repairs.... down the road. Thanx everyone for your input.
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We have 52k miles on our 2019 3.6 (purchased Jan 2019). No issues so far. Great car and gets better freeway fuel mileage than our previous 2018 2.5 did.
Yes on our 2.5l we got 36 mpg last week. It's not the 44 I get on my mini but it ain't bad.
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