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2020 OB 2.5 Limited
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Have had an 17 OB 2.5 Limited for about 7 mos 6k/mi. I park car in garage overnight. Several mornings now I have come down to garage to leave for work and I hear the sound of something running. At first I thought it was next door neighbors AC unit but today I went and checked and it was not running and I was still hearing this noise in the garage. I figured it must be the car. Put my ear to the drivers side rear wheel well and I could hear a pump (im assuming fuel) running. The car had been sitting all night. Does anyone know if this is normal? Did not have any problem starting the car. Was wondering if maybe the approach light sensor on the key fob starts this process or if this is something the dealer needs to check out....Thanks for any feedback
1 - 2 of 2 Posts