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Thanks for the input. I like the winter set up you got going there! (Would also like to move out to Colorado!!)

I figured the rims should would work, but not sure on the tire size of 225/55 r17. I see you have tires with taller side walls to get you close to stock 18' dimensions, but I'm looking at the nokian hakkapeliitta r2 and they don't make a 65. I don't have the option for studded tires due to in state laws.

Was also looking at the michlen x-ice ix3 but have the same problem. Looks like the General Altimax does have tires that would get me close to my stock 18's.

Going to the 225/55, theoretically, should give me better handling, due to a stiffer sidewall, but my spedo will be off a bit as well as my ride hight will decrease by about 1-1.5 inches by going with a 225/55 r17 set up.

Any thoughts?
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