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2018 Outback Premium with eyesight
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I could not find a post here that mentioned some of the issues I've been having with Android Auto(AA) predictably connecting to the head unit. I have a Samsung S5 with Marshmallow (6.0.1) installed. This is listed as a NT system (Not Tested)
The USB connection would connect sporadically at best for AA. I found the answer to my problem on another Subaru forum. I can't append links yet: > forum > electronics-audio-lighting >

Hats off to pprknight : here is a snippet of his post:

Solution - turn on USB debugging under developer options. I guess I’ve been promoted in phone-land.
Then you can turn on a USB option MTP to enable USB data transfer. There is more, better and how to
do all this on the Android Auto User Forum run by Google; it’s not just Subaru either but the whole gamut of car manufactures. Nice video on You-tube
Search on “How to enable USB Debugging on Android”

It now connects every time for me...:grin2:
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