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Ok, so apologies for those who already knew this, the forum search didn't lead me to any answers for my specific make/model/head unit but I was able to figure it out using trial and error after seeing how to access the menus for other years. Oddly enough they aren't exactly the same. If you're looking for this information the car does /not/ need to be in AC mode, it can be running, it works just fine.

Factory Hidden Menu - hold down the "Home" button (the touch sensitive spot on the left, not on the screen) and press in the Tune/Scroll knob twice.
Dealer Hidden Menu - hold down the "Home" button and press in the Tune/Scroll knob six times.

The factory seems to be pretty standard - most of the videos I saw and misc posts elsewhere say the same thing, home button and 2x scroll knob, but the dealer menu is usually five presses on the scroll knob. :?:

Anyway, just hoping this helps someone. Honestly, I wouldn't even care about this if they would just include voltage in the standard menus. Some of the other options are neat but I'll likely never use them - like removing or changing the outlines on the rear camera.

Protip: the "test speakers" function starts with the volume at max and is /not/ nice to ears. o_O lol

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This is great information! Thanks for doing the research for us.

I believe I also found that touching the home button and holding in the power/volume knob will eventually restart/reboot the system.

My 2018 Outback Touring Head Unit locked up on me again while driving. Fully froze and I was on the freeway... so I said what the heck and tried the Home & Power/Volume knob and held them until the system eventually rebooted.

Update: just verified this works even when the unit is not locked up. Wanted to make sure it wasn’t my unit deciding on it’s own to reboot.

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